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Comments from some of our student’s parents..


My son recently became interested in Taekwondo, so we started looking around for a club with good instructors that would teach in a FRIENDLY and FUN way. Our neighbor recommended K1 Tae Kwon Do P.L.U.S. to us, so we went for a tour, met the Masters, and attended a free class. We were really impressed by the new and spacious facility, but we were mostly impressed by the friendly people and the family atmosphere.  We loved the fact that there was a sitting area for parents and siblings to watch our son’s classes. We looked around at other Taekwondo places, but K1 Tae Kwon Do P.L.U.S. had everything that we were looking for….and our son looks forward to going to class and earning his next belt.


My son Lucas has been attending K1 Tae Kwon Do P.L.U.S. for about a year now. He really loves it and has developed great concentration, respect and listening skills.

The staff are friendly and courteous and are really attentive to what the kids need and want.

The staff are very approachable and are very open to discussions about your child's training.

I would recommend this school to anyone who wanted to attend.


We have been part of K1 Tae Kwon Do P.L.U.S School since the start.
My son Jackson has developed excellent concentration, and listening skills. He always enjoys going to the classes, and would often attended 4 or 5 classes a week.

We had two Parties @ K1 Tae Kwon Do P.L.U.S. which was great fun for 3 hours for all of the kids and parents.

Anne and the staff truly care about your family, and want you to reach the best you want to be.

I would highly recommend sending your children to this school and to try attending the adult classes as well for yourself.