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Welcome to the Home of K1 TAE KWON DO

At K1 Tae Kwon Do, we are committed to helping our students strengthen their mind, body and spirit through self-discipline. We provide our students with opportunities to learn in a safe and fun environment; that celebrates the unique abilities of everyone. The safety and enjoyment of our programs are of paramount concern to us.

Our programs are designed to help our students achieve the following:

Increase Self-Discipline
Build Confidence and Friendships
Improve Concentration and Control
Form Independence and Leadership

K1 Commandments

All students abide by our K1 Commandments to achieve personal excellence.

  1. Obey parents and grandparents
  2. Copperate with brothers and sisters
  3. Do chores around the house
  4. Keep body, hair and teeth clean
  5. Eat and sleep properly
  6. Do not interrupt adult conversations
  7. Do homework as first priority
  8. Respect teachers and elders
  9. Be truthful and honest
  10. Always finish what is started